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America is #BuiltByImmigrants


I recently got introduced to, and immediately understood the power of organized action in shaping the future of the United States – both as a whole and individually in the future of millions of people affected by a broken immigration system. is an organization founded by key leaders in the American tech community, which Read More

Education in Humanities and Living a More ‘Fulfilling Life’


I stumbled upon this article on The Crimson. Great read. I would never change my education in humanities, and especially as a lawyer, because it has had a huge impact on my ability to analyze the greater picture, learn from every area of life, and continue to apply it in others. Please enjoy.   What Read More

China’s Huge 3D Printers, Soon Able to Print Automobile Sized Metal Objects


Story via BY ALAN GARDNER · FEBRUARY 6, 2014 One of the biggest possible economic impacts of 3D printing  to the U.S. economy is the fact that it may eventually allow corporations to bring jobs back onshore from China. The United States outsources a large number of jobs over to Asia as a way to cut Read More

Again: Why Bitcoin Matters


Bitcoin has kept me on my toes over the last months. I have been following this cryptocurrency wave closely and the following article really caught my attention. It appeared on the New York Times’ DealB%k on January 21st, authored by Marc Andreessen – founder of the most famous Venture Capitalist firm in the world. Like everyone else, Read More

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